In High School

All of the listed symptoms plus:

  • Limited vocabulary
  • Extremely poor written expression (large discreprency between verbalskills and written compositions)
  • Unable to master a foreign language
  • Difficulty reading printed music
  • Poor grades in many classes
  • May drop out of school

In Adults

Education history similar to above, plus:

  • Slow reader
  • May have to read a page 2 or 3 times to understand it
  • Difficulty putting thoughts onto paper

           - dreads writing memos or letters

  • Often gets lost in, even in a familiar city
  • Sometimes confuses b an d, especially when tired or sick

Did You Know...

These Famous Dyslexics managed to overcome the odds and succeed in life. 

If your child has dyslexia do not despair.


  • Delayed speech
  • Mixing sounds and syllables
  • Constant confusion of left versus right
  • Difficulty learning to tie shoes
  • A close relative with dyslexia

Elementary School

  • Slow non-automatic handwriting that is difficult to read
  • Letter or number reversals continuing past the first grade
  • Difficulty telling time with a clock with hands
  • Slow, choppy, inaccurate reading:

          - guesses based on shape or context

            - skips or misreads prepositions (at, to, of)

          - can't sound out unknown words

  • Dreads going to school

             - complains of stomach aches or   headaches

             - may have nightmares about school